Hi, I'm Agathe, a growth product manager specialized in B2B API products, working remotely.
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As an engineer, I love solving problems and smoothly-working products. As a natural organizer, I trained to become a product manager.
I've spent the past 10 years working for multinational companies, non-for-profit organizations, local businesses and e-commerce making digital products and services better through the power of user experience and process improvement in agile frameworks.
My subjects of predilection are:
  • Monetization and pricing optimization of APIs
  • Optimization of the onboarding flow and TTFHW
  • Building the API strategy and integrations eco-system
I decided to start writing to share my learnings and experiments while scaling products aimed at developer audiences. Here, you'll read about managing API products in a product-led-growth model.

Strategic thinker

I handle long term product vision as well as day-to-day operations by doing discovery, market research, and competitor analysis, I can set a 12-month roadmap and convert it into daily and weekly tasks for product teams.


I keep teams working effectively and efficiently and build shared objectives with key company initiatives. I also manage the integrations portion of products and optimize integrations quality strategy, like SDK maintenance.


I optimize my team's process as much as the product itself by using data to uncover opportunities and understand what levers to pull to drive business results.
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